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The IPAM is the global organization of national parliaments.

What began in 1989 as a small group of parliamentarians, dedicated to promoting peace through parliamentary diplomacy and dialogue, has since grown into a truly global organization of national parliaments. Today, our membership inches ever closer to being universal, with 179 Member Parliaments ,13 Associate Members, and increasing numbers of parliamentarians from all over the world involved in our work.

The Hard Truth


Of our members are former representatives of state parliaments or congress


Of our donors are not for profit entities or individuals


Men and women around the world have joined our cause

Annual Report

The 2021 IPAM Annual Report covers a wide range of achievements by IPAM & its members. Take a closer look at what 2021 looked like for IPAM and its members. 

We change lives by providing ideas, debates, job coaching, skills training, mentoring & more.

Support our mission to restore hope to the displaced and disadvantaged.

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Out Statement:
The Taiwan Dillemma: De-escalation of Conflicts or Democracy Above All?

We are not freigntened about the fact that every nation has its right to follow its national interest, which for China are focused on economics.

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Our Statement:
The battle for democracy in Myanmar

While our action is relentless, our expectations need to be realistic. Geopolitical competition in Myanmar will make it very difficult to find common ground, as we have witnessed again and again at the UN Security Council.